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Our heavy-duty self-standing panels are ideal for any livestock. With the bottom rail typically sitting 12” from the ground, and the top rail reaching just over 64”, these panels are a great solution to almost any fencing need. 

The base feet are 60” wide to ensure stability and are built out of 2.375" drill pipe to provide maximum durability. The matching gates have heavy-duty hinges to minimize sagging and provide effortless movement.

Self-Standing Fence Panel Specifications

*All installation hardware included.

 *Custom panels available upon request.

Built by Ranchers...


Metal Wind Panels can offer long-term solutions for protecting livestock during cold months. As the cold month's approach, livestock require more feed to stay healthy.

Self-Standing Wind Panel Specifications

*All installation hardware included. 

*Custom panels available upon request.

 Providing a windbreak has shown to save feed costs by lowering livestock's required intake during cold temperatures. However, the biggest attribute is keeping your livestock out of the wind during calving season. 

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